Big Data Analytics for Social Science Research

Mihály Fazekas has contributed two presentations to the SAGE Research Methods Video Platform on Data Science, Big Data Analytics, & Digital Methods.


Video 1: Introduction to Big Data for Social Science Research

Mihály Fazekas discusses using big data for social science research including, new data sources and what they can help achieve, the difference between big data and traditional research methodology, and the collection and analysis of big data.

Video 2: Using Big Data to Measure Formidable Concepts: The Case of Government Contracts Data & Corruption Measurement

Mihály Fazekas discusses the use of big data to measure government contracts …

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Measuring and managing corruption risks in public procurement. Lessons from around the globe

Mihály Fazekas presented at the G7’s High-level workshop on corruption measurement in Rome, Italy, 27/10/2017.

The presentations provided an overview of recent GTI research on measuring corruption and how objective corruption proxies can be used to design and monitor anticorruption interventions.

Full presentation in ppt.

Event agenda here.…

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Measuring Corrupt Rent Extraction by Tracking the Misuse of Corporate Vehicles

Fazekas, M. and Tóth, B. (2016). Measuring Corrupt Rent Extraction by Tracking the Misuse of Corporate Vehicles. Budapest: Government Transparency Institute.

This proposal was prepared for the U4 Anticorruption Resource Center’s Proxy Challenge 2016. This year’s proxy challenge competition received 24 submissions and for our greatest pleasure, GTI’s team won the competition. The proposal was presented by Mihály Fazekas and Bence Tóth at the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Panama, 1-4 December.

The proxy indicator looks at the exchanges between private companies and public bodies. The proxy makes it possible to identify potentially corrupt transactions and companies specifically designed for corrupt …

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