Big Data Analytics for Social Science Research

Mihály Fazekas has contributed two presentations to the SAGE Research Methods Video Platform on Data Science, Big Data Analytics, & Digital Methods.


Video 1: Introduction to Big Data for Social Science Research

Mihály Fazekas discusses using big data for social science research including, new data sources and what they can help achieve, the difference between big data and traditional research methodology, and the collection and analysis of big data.

Video 2: Using Big Data to Measure Formidable Concepts: The Case of Government Contracts Data & Corruption Measurement

Mihály Fazekas discusses the use of big data to measure government contracts and corruption, including what prompted this study of corruption; the DIGIWHIST Project; data collection and challenges encountered; using mixed methods to measure corruption; data cleaning and analysis; new analysis and insights; research findings; and recommendations for similar research and sustainability.