Open and sustainable Procurement

Adam, I., Fazekas, M. and Zellmann, C. (2021). Open and sustainable procurement. Towards deepened collaboration between reformers. GTI-WP/2021:01, Budapest: Government Transparency Institute.

Public procurement as a major area of government spending has the potential to act as a driver for social change and sustainable development. Its strategic use has recently gained traction with two related policy movements emerging: sustainable public procurement (SPP) and open contracting (OC). This paper explores paths towards a deepened collaboration between open and sustainable procurement advocates and practitioners. Building on literature and key informant interviews, it outlines the two fields, their potential for mutual reinforcement and …

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Regional Public Spending Quality Index, EU

This publication contains the data used in the publication:

Fazekas, M., Czibik, Á. (2021). Measuring Regional Quality of Government: The Public Spending Quality Index Based on Government Contracting Data. Regional Studies. Available online:


Government contracting is crucial for defining quality of government and public services as it amounts to about 29% of government spending. However, regional quality of government indicators, especially for public spending, are largely missing. We assess quality of public spending by transparency, competition, efficiency and corruption, using a novel database of 4 million contracts from the EU28 between 2006-2015. We find that public spending quality …

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Policy Brief on State Capture and Defence Procurement in the EU

Czibik, Á., Fazekas, M., Hernandez Sanchez, A. and Wachs, J. (2020). State Capture and Defence Procurement in the EU. GTI-R/2020:03, Budapest: Government Transparency Institute.

This paper is part of a broader research project which aims to assess state capture risks in the field of defence procurement using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to overcome research challenges typical of this area, most of all the relatively low level of transparency due to specific procurement regulations.

Public procurement is one of the government activities most vulnerable to corruption (OECD, 2016; World Bank & IBRD, 2013), and risks are even higher …

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Partisan Procurement. Contracting with the United States Federal Government

Dahlström, C., Fazekas, M, & Lewis, D. E., (2020), Partisan Procurement. Contracting with the United States Federal Government, 2003–2015, American Journal of Political Science. Available online:

The U.S. federal government spends huge sums buying goods and services from outside of the public sector. Given the sums involved, strategic government purchasing can have electoral consequences. In this article, we suggest that more politicized agencies show favoritism to businesses in key electoral constituencies and to firms connected to political parties. We evaluate these claims using new data on U.S. government contracts from 2003 to 2015. We find that executive departments, particularly …

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Quantifying the Effects of Corruption on the Water and Sanitation Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Adam, I., Fazekas, M., Regös, N. and Tóth, B. (2020). Quantifying the Effects of Corruption on the Water and Sanitation Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. Technocal Note No IDB-TN-02055. Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC.

The importance of transparency and governance as determinants of efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of service undoubtedly occupy a key place among the most relevant lessons learned from the reforms implemented in the Water and Sanitation sector (W&S) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the last two decades.

In order to support data-driven policy reform aimed at increasing efficiency in public investments, the …

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