Study on the Cost of Corruption in Uganda

Fazekas, Mihály; Adam, Isabelle; and Nikulina, Olena (2021) Study on the Cost of Corruption in Uganda. Inspectorate of Government, Uganda, Kampala.

The report provides a detailed estimation of costs of corruption in Uganda for 2019. It considers both direct costs all those attributed to corrupt acts, and indirect costs all those that result from corrupt acts through a series of interactions in the longer term. The report also attributes the costs of corruption to different actors bearing the costs, such as citizens, firms, public budget, or society at large. The cost of corruption estimates is based on a variety of methods and data sources and considers the cost of bribery, loss of public services through absenteeism, or broader welfare costs among others. Overall, the estimates on the cost of corruption are considered to be lower bound and conservative estimate of the true cost of corruption in Uganda since some costs are in kind while others are non-measurable due to lack of data.

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