Assessing Tanzania’s National Procurement Data Infrastructure

Czibik Á, Dávid-Barrett E, Fazekas M, Parsons D, Stern D, Stern R and Szendrői B (2017): Tanzania’s Procurement Data Infrastructure: Observations and Recommendations. GTI-R/2017:01, Budapest, Government Transparency Institute, May 2017

The publication of data about government procurement is widely perceived to be beneficial in terms of improving transparency over a significant area of public spending. Transparency in public procurement is associated with greater scrutiny over processes and outcomes, helping to improve accountability in order to achieve enhanced competition, better value for money and reduced corruption. As a member of the Open Government Partnership since 2011, the Tanzanian government has consistently emphasised commitments to establishing an open data system and has made good progress in this regard.
As part of recent research on Statistics for Integrity in Public Contracting, our team collected Tanzanian public procurement data from the Public Procurement Regulatory Agency’s (PPRA) online bulletin and the Tanzanian Procurement Journal . Overall, we recorded 14,248 contract award notices and 9,292 calls for tender, and 496 procuring entities. Having undertaken this exercise, we are in a position to offer some observations on how Tanzania’s procurement data infrastructure currently functions and recommendations on how it might be improved in the future.

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Data collected as part of the research is available for free download at