ProACT Procurement Anticorruption and Transparency Platform

ProAct Platform


The platform has been developed through a collaboration between the World Bank and the Government Transparency Institute. The methodology for the platform is based in part on the methodology developed for the project (Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020), and the Global Integrity Anticorruption Evidence (GI-ACE) program funded by the UK’s FCDO.

The tool provides access to open data from national electronic procurement systems from 46 countries and to open data on World Bank and IDB financed contracts for over 100 countries. The majority of the data available in the prototype ranges from 2006 to early 2020; while some of the sources go back in time until 1961. In addition, selected data sources were updated until early 2021. The prototype enables the analysis of data related to over 21 million contracts, more than 5 million suppliers and almost 1 million buyers across 120 countries, representing a total estimated 2% of annual world GDP.

The goal is to refine the prototype and create a ‘live’ tool that is updated on a regular basis to enable the monitoring of public procurement data, and to include additional countries as and when these implement electronic procurement systems with sufficiently detailed open data. The addition of other types of data relevant to monitoring integrity risks and procurement outcomes is also being explored.

The ProAct platform has three main goals:

  •  Provide easy access to public procurement data for national and cross-country analysis.
  •  Enable users to monitor and analyze the performance of public procurement systems, their transparency and to identify the presence of possible integrity risks to inform preventive actions, improve procedures, and design policies on the basis of evidence.
  •  Help promote transparency and integrity in public expenditures on goods, works and services.