Pharmaceutical prices and corruption risks dashboard

In 2022, the Government Transparency Institute and the Transparency International launched an interactive dashboard to shed light on the interplay between corruption risk and pharmaceutical prices. The comprehensive dataset, which encompasses detailed procurement contract information for pharmaceuticals across nine countries, allows for robust comparisons and trend analysis. The dashboard utilizes the Corruption Risk Index (CRI), a composite measure of corruption risk indicators, and unit prices of standardized pharmaceutical products (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Code of the WHO). The platform empowers stakeholders to estimate the fiscal impact of corruption and potential savings from its reduction, visualizing scenarios for one-third, two-thirds, and full risk reductions. By presenting these insights, the dashboard serves as an actionable tool for policymakers and NGOs, aiding them in devising strategies to combat corruption and enhance pharmaceutical procurement efficiency.

Read our working paper on pharma prices, as the data and analysis of the report are what is behind the dashboard.