Government Analytics Using Procurement Data

Cocciolo, S., Samaddar, S. and Fazekas, M. 2023. Government Analytics Using Procurement Data. in Rogger, D. and Schuster, C. (editors) 2023. The Government Analytics Handbook: Leveraging Data to Strengthen Public Administration. Washington, DC: World Bank, Chapter 12.


The digitalization of national public procurement systems across the world has opened enormous opportunities to measure and analyze procurement data. The use of data analytics on public procurement data allows governments to strategically monitor procurement markets and trends, to improve the procurement and contracting process through data-driven policy making, and to assess the potential trade-offs of distinct procurement strategies or reforms. This chapter provides insights into conducting research and data analysis on public procurement using administrative data. It provides an overview of indicators and data sources typically available on public procurement and how they can be used for data-driven decision-making, the necessary data infrastructure and capacity for optimizing the benefits from procurement data analytics, and the added value of combining public procurement data with other data sources. Governments can take various steps to create the conditions for effectively using data for decision-making in the area of public procurement, such as centralizing public procurement data, periodically assessing their quality and completeness, and building statistical capacity and data analytics skills in procurement authorities and contracting entities.


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