Assessing the potential for detecting collusion in Swedish public procurement

Mihály Fazekas, Bence Tóth (2016): Assessing the potential for detecting collusion in Swedish public procurement. Swedish Competition Authority Commissioned Research Reports 2016:3, Oktober 2016. 

Download the report: pdf

This research report provides a detailed discussion of three fundamental topics relevant for building a public procurement system in Sweden which supports both government accountability, and monitoring the risks of collusion. First, it offers a comparison of the current Swedish data system to a set of European best practices in terms of public procurement data scope, depth, and quality using data collected by the EU-funded DIGIWHIST research project. Second, it provides an assessment of the public procurement database currently available in Sweden, and puts forward recommendations for improvements supporting better collusion screens. Third, it develops and validates a set of collusion risk indicators based on prior experience with such indicators globally and statistical analysis of Swedish public procurement data.

This report was prepared for the Swedish Competition Authority.