Second annual summer school: Methodologies for monitoring anticorruption policies, state capture and public procurement integrity

Anti-corruption is not a final destination, but a consistent process of democratic renewal, checks and balances. Democratic backsliding in parts of Europe, fatigue over anti-corruption reforms, and the rising challenge from authoritarian powers, call upon public institutions, CSOs, investigative journalists and the whole society in Europe to take a stance and promote integrity. The use of big data, state-of-art research methodologies, and comprehensive systems of red flags, coupled with well-functioning civil society consultation mechanisms could greatly support good governance in …

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Analyzing Public Procurement Risks: Training manual

Fazekas, M., Horn, P., Czibik, Á., and Tóth, B. (2021): Analyzing Public Procurement Risks: Training manual. Budapest: R2G4P / Government Transparency Institute. 

The main purpose of the manual is to introduce how data analytics can encourage good governance practices by highlighting the weaknesses of public procurement systems and by supporting independent corruption risk research. To achieve this, the document gives a step-by-step introduction to the analytical process of large-scale public procurement datasets. First, it briefly introduces the conceptual background of …

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