IMF Corruption Cost Tracker

Corruption Cost Tracker


Our global intelligence tool, the Corruption Cost Tracker (CCT), builds an evidence base about where corruption risks lie in public procurement, their costs, and the benefits of reform in terms of savings.
The Corruption Cost Tracker is an interactive online tool, with dashboards for Corruption Risk Analysis,
Spending Analysis, Efficiency Gains and Policy Scenarios. Each of the dashboards allows users to undertake their own analysis in these areas by comparing sectors, regions, years, and buyer types.

The CCT will assist national authorities, the staff of the IMF and the World Bank, and the relevant civil
society organisations in identifying priority areas for governance and anti-corruption reforms. In particular, the CCT can help inform these reforms by providing a granular identification of where public procurement in a given country is the most vulnerable to corruption, and what are the potential gains to be expected from reforms.