About the Institute

The Government Transparency Institute is a non-partisan think tank researching and advocating good governance. Born from the research and civil society activism of founder Mihály Fazekas, the Institute was founded in 2015 to provide an independent, research-driven voice to the causes of transparency, anti-corruption, and good-governance in Europe and beyond. It is financed by private donations, European research funds, and government contract work, and works independently of political parties or special interest groups. The aim of the Institute is to better understand the causes, characteristics, and consequences of low-quality governance with interdisciplinary analysis, drawing on political science, economics, law, and data science.

We help citizens hold their governments accountable through the publication of novel datasets and robust analyses. Our unique research approach uses Big Data, statistical analysis, and qualitative methods to understand the paths from micro-behaviour to macro-outcomes. Our research topics include anticorruption, public procurement, legislative processes, and competition. We believe that the combination of qualitative understanding and quantitative measurement of the state is the foundation of good governance.

Director, founder

Mihály Fazekas






Ágnes Czibik, managing director

Isabelle Adam, analyst

Ahmed Alshaibani, research assistant

Aram, Khaghaghordyan, lawyer, analyst

Yuliia Kazmina, analyst, programmer

Nóra Regős, analyst

Bálint Szalai, journalist

Erika Lukács, analyst

Anna Székely, research assistant

Bence Tóth, senior analyst

Johannes Wachs, analyst, programmer


Main partners and supporters

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